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Drumcroon Gallery, Tyldesley

Drumcroon Gallery, Tyldesley

'The Drumcroon policy is to give all young people, irrespective of age, their teachers and the Borough's communities access to the range, breadth and variety of the visual arts. Exhibitions by contemporary makers are organised to provide challenging opportunities which widen horizons and embrace change. To give further insight and understanding, the centre provides its visitors with opportunities to engage in related practical activities. Each exhibition is placed into a contextual framework by demonstrating process and excellence through resident artists and through the use of secondary source material which has the potential to range across time, place and culture.'

The leadership and management of the centre and the service it provides to schools; the curriculum provided both in the centre and in outreach work with schools; and the impact of the centre's work in supporting the achievement and personal development of the pupils who benefit from its work are all outstanding. Drumcroon continues to provide a unique model of educational support for the visual arts.

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